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Upcoming Products

Cnoga Capsule - All in One

Wearable Medical Device

  • Easy integration of Cnoga capsule into various smart watches.

  • Collaboration with leading mobile companies.

  • Chronic patient monitoring.

  • Hospital monitoring and triage.

Smart Wearable Capsule

Non-invasive Wearable Medical Devices
  • Easy integration of Cnoga's capsule into various smart watches

  • Collaboration with leading mobile companies

  • Chronic patient monitoring

  • Hospital monitoring and triage


CnogaCare continues to be at the forefront of non-invasive glucose technology by striving to be innovative and with an excellent consumer experience.
Our latest new non-invasive product is a Smart Wearable Capsule scheduled to be released soon. 
The ‘Smart Wearable Capsule’ is a multi-sensor array that captures and processes optical, thermal, and electrical conductivity signals from the wrist. 

Cnoga first-generation technology has gone through extensive clinical trials and has been approved for marketing in Europe, China, Brazil, and Israel.
The Smart Capsule is based on Cnoga Medical's first-generation product called CoG - a non-invasive glucose meter.  
Cnoga first-generation product required a lengthy calibration process which presented an enormous challenge for the end consumers.
The new product version uses a cloud-based deep learning algorithm that is more advanced than the first generation of machine learning methodology. 
The ‘Smart Wearable Capsule’ technology was developed in a similar manner to face and voice recognition technology, Cnoga utilizes big data analytics as well as multi-sensors fusion input to create patient's unique blood chemistry profile. 
‘Smart Wearable Capsule’ measures an array of biometric parameters non-invasively such as blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Oxygen saturation, Haemoglobin, RBS, Haematocrit and Temperature.
Cnoga Smart capsule can either be worn on a dedicated Cnoga’s wristband or easily connected to any smartwatch wristband for continuous non-invasive monitoring fully integrated into any telemedicine platform and mobile devices

Smart Capsule Wrisrband
Smartwatch Capsule
  • Glucose

  • Heart Rate

  • Respiratory rate

  • Blood Pressure

  • Oxygen Saturation

  • Body Temperature

  • Hemoglobin

  • Hematocrit

  • Red Blood Cells