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Talisman project- remote monitoring in the Puglia region of Italy

Dr. Giovanni Gorgone explained on the Telemedicine webinar how the “Talisman” project (remote monitoring project) began and evolved to be adjusted to the medical needs. MTX, has been part of the mini-lab to monitor positive patients to the COVID19, quarantined in their homes. Nowadays it is used by general practitioners for home care monitoring and other populations in need.

Portable mini lab at the Puglia region in Italy for remote home monitoring

With Cnoga’s MTX, Telemedicine becomes a reality driving the future of healthcare In Italy. MTX multi-parameters mini monitor, has been part of the portable mini lab, capable of performing a full check-up, from head to toe, in ten minutes.

The devices  were imported by A.R.E.S. Puglia, the local health authority, as part of a European research project.

Originally, the devices were used to perform long-distance checkups of patients affected by COVID19 but now they will be distributed in several centers and local hospitals.

The mini-laboratory will make it possible to perform a check-up at home while supported remotely by specialists without having to relocate the patient.

screening of covid patients

Screening of new patients in Lombardy, Italy

In the Lombardy region in Italy, the MTX is being used for quick screening of new patients as part of the triage process.

Other patients are being monitored for selected parameters such as SpO2, PO2 and blood pressure a few times a day.

The device is being sterilized by alcohol wipes.

Diagnosing Corona patients, Wuhan, China

MTX is being used in hospitals in Wuhan to monitor vital signs and help classify, follow and assess prognosis of infected patients. Monitoring the dynamic changes of several bio-parameters may assist triage and early detection of deterioration.

checking sypmtomps of corona
lady doctor doing test of a boy in office
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people enjoying at beach
Brazillian people showing victory sing in a jungle

MTX in Amazonas​

Cnoga Medical worked together with the Presbyterian Church of Manaus and Universidad Presbyterian Mackenzie in assessment of non-invasive bio-parameters diagnosis in the riverine communities of the Rio Negro in the Amazon jungle state of Amazonas Brazil.

Dr. Francismar Vidal, general practitioner in the projects, has summarized some of the results following MTX diagnosis screening:

  1. A significant number of people was found to suffer from anemia. With the use of the MTX, we were able to easily quantify and allocate the problem within the surveyed populations, as well as initiate treatment immediately; 

  2. We were able to diagnose bradycardia associated with hemodynamic consequences (two cases in 232 surveyed) with subsequent referral for evaluation in more complex centers to assess the need for pacemaker implantation;

  3.  Diagnosed cases of hypertension and instituted controls strategies thereof; 

  4. We follow the MTX patients who felt ill during the dental procedure; 

  5. We also observed patients’ ease when surveyed with the MTX device in comfort and safety. 

MTX in Community clinics - Cascavel, Brazil

In order to perform a simple blood test in local communities’ clinics in Brazil, it is sometimes necessary to travel many hours by bus to the nearest regional hospital. Cnoga Medical, in cooperation with local authorities in Brazil, is helping overcome these barriers to health care services in villages of rural areas in Brazil. The use of MTX provides a non-invasive, simple and quick bio-parameters diagnosis. Patients undergo initial screening to assess their health status by the clinic’s nurses and the results are transmitted to the doctor’s computer. The use of the Singular application is performed online and offline (depending on Internet access), allowing the doctor to access the patient’s results in real-time and to add additional notes to the required treatment.

Mix community testing in a lady doctr clinice
lady doctr counseling with female patient

Italy – Health point

Health Point is part of a project carried out by “Health Italy”, an Italian company active in the world of integrative health care. The goal is to place Check-up health points in town squares, shopping centers and urban centers, in order to provide prevention and diagnosis services that allow improving lifestyle and general health. The different areas of activity envisaged as part of Health Point are non-invasive diagnostics, surveys, and prevention. All of the services provided are monitored remotely by a specialized doctor, with the possibility of having a direct teleconsultation. It is also possible to request to have these services, as well as many others, provided directly at home.

MTX in Ambulances - Brazil

A pilot project in in Brazil targets the improvement of first-aid services using MTX for remote diagnosis and treatment of patients in ambulances. An initial, non-invasive and quick vital signs assessment being done on the way to the hospital without drawing blood and the results transmitted in real-time to emergency room staff. By the time the patient arrives at the emergency room, his personal records with the initial results are ready, enabling to shorten the response time. The objectives of the project are to extend the capabilities of the first responders, reduce cost of operations, improve quality of treatment when it counts and improve the workflow.

checking pulse rate of covid patient
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