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Non-invasive Wearable Medical Devices
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Digital Care
  • Measures a wide range of biomarkers and vital signs

  • Medical grade sensor based on Cnoga 1st generation technology

  • Easy integration of Cnoga's capsule into various smartwatches

With a 10-year presence in the noninvasive glucose monitoring market, an extended patent portfolio, investments of over $70M and hundreds of R&D man-hours, Cnoga has created the ‘Smart Capsule™ ’ – a truly noninvasive glucometer and blood biomarker wearable sensor.

The Smart Capsule™ integrates Cnoga’s M-Safe™ (Multi-Sensors Adaptive Fusion Ensemble) patent-pending technology that captures optical, thermal and bioimpedance signals. Through complex machine learning models, AI and cloud computing we can estimate multiple bio-parameters from the wrist. The adaptive M-Safe™ technology combined with machine learning forms a customizable core - ready for OEM deployment.
The capsule can either be worn on a dedicated Cnoga’s wristband or easily integrated into any smartwatch and connected to any telemedicine platform or App for continuous noninvasive monitoring. Smart Capsule™ is based on Cnoga’s clinically proven 1st Generation products that have been medically certified and approved for marketing in Europe, Israel, Brazil, and China.

The Smart Capsule™ consolidates a unique technology, allows noninvasive sugar measurement with a reliable and accurate display of 8 bio-parameters on any platform for health monitoring. Cnoga brings a superior customer care experience in a wide spectrum of fields such as diabetics, chronic patients monitoring, wellness, blood banks and more.

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Smartwatch Capsule


  • Glucose

  • Heart Rate

  • Hemoglobin

  • Blood Pressure

  • Oxygen Saturation

  • Body Temperature

  • Hematocrit

  • Red Blood Cells

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