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Patients Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

16 Bio-parameters in 60 seconds
CE approved 
medically proven
Remote monitoring
No consumables

Shifting to Remote Monitoring

  • Pulse

  • Continuous Blood Pressure

  • Cardiac Output

  • Stroke Volume

  • Mean Arterial Pressure

  • OCG – Optical cardiogram

Hematology (Optional)
  • Hemoglobin

  • Hematocrit

  • Red Blood Count

  • Blood Viscosity

Blood Gases
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

  • PCO2

  • PO2

  • O2 Content

  • CO2 Content

  • PH

Easy to Connect graph

Easy to Connect

  • History management

  • Trending analysis

  • Alert notifications

  • Connectivity to personal caregivers

  • Bluetooth – Cloud Connectivity

  • Results can be shared by SDK/API

Giving patients the means to manage their own health
Enabling proactive treatment rather than responsive
Shifting the focus from hospitals and clinics to patients’ homes
Leveraging data to support large scale decision making
Reducing unneeded blood tests 
Prof. Sergio Pillon presenting importance of device
Prof. Sergio Pillon presenting Why MTX is an important device for monitoring COVID19 patients

Prof. Sergio Pillon, MD, a specialist in vascular medicine and eHealth presented MTX on Rai3 national ItalianTV report as an important medical device for monitoring COVID19 patients due to non-invasive blood gas data. He emphasizes the easiness of MTX thanks to the App to which the data is transferred.

How Does It Work?

    Four LED lights shine wavelengths from visual light to infrared light through the fingertip As the light wave pass through the fingertip, some of it is absorbed and the light signal is changed Next, a camera sensor detects the changed light signal in real time Using patented algorithms and a vast amount of data the device analyzes the correlation between the signal and the bio parameters
    Continuous, Non-invasive and Cuff-free Blood Pressure Non-invasive Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, and RBC Non-invasive Blood Gases (Ph, PCO2, PO2, O2&CO2 Content) Non invasive Cardiac Output , Stroke Volume, MAP Bluetooth – Cloud Connectivity
    TensorTip is supplied with the following components: Battery charger Input: 100v~-240v~, 50Hz – 60Hz DC Output: 5v / 1300mA Stand/Finger Chamber cover Protective pouch Self-Test Arc User Manual
    1. Washing your hands: Before using the device, wash hands thoroughly with warm water to prevent contamination and infections. Dry hands completely with the use of a clean towel. 2. Disinfection of hands: Apply 70% alcohol hand sanitizer and wait for alcohol to air dry. 3. Disinfecting the device before measuring: I. Open the lid of the fingertip compartment. II. Clean the finger compartment well with a 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipe (make sure the pad is moist, not soaked, to prevent the alcohol from permeating the device). Do not to touch the gel component with alcohol, only the plastic part. III. Wait for the alcohol to air dry. iv. Close the finger compartment. 4. After the measurement: Wipe with 70% Isopropyl alcohol moist wipes (pads) the entire device (inside and out) to prevent infections. Do not to touch the gel component with alcohol, only the plastic part.
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