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CnogaCare -
Digital Platform

CnogaCare Digital platform application delivers caregiver-connected solutions to advance chronic disease management by leveraging unique deep-learning, AI-driven personalized data models. The Digital Care platform monitors patients to identify irregularities, evaluate treatment plan progress, and flag early symptoms of complications to care teams.

Case Study

Italy – Health point

Health Point is part of a project carried out by “Health Italy”, an Italian company active in the world of integrative health care. The goal is to place Check-up health points in town squares, shopping centers, and in urban centers, in order to provide prevention and diagnosis services allowing to improve lifestyle and general health. The different areas of activity envisaged as part of Health Point are non-invasive diagnostics, surveys, and prevention. All of the services provided are monitored remotely by a specialized doctor, with the possibility of having a direct teleconsultation. It is also possible to request to have these services, as well as many others, provided directly at home

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