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Electronic Chip


About The Company

Cnoga is a leading digital healthcare company which develops innovative noninvasive medical devices to provide a complete end to end solution for remote patients monitoring. Cnoga provides full virtual care services enabling people to live their healthiest life.

CnogaCare is combining its in-house noninvasive technology with digital healthcare platforms through partnerships. 

Cnoga’s technology offering encompasses a combination of artificial intelligence and deep learning methods with noninvasive devices and digital platforms; with which CnogaCare positions itself to be a significant player in the digital healthcare revolution.

CnogaCare is pursuing a future in which people conduct simple, needle-free blood tests in the comfort of their own home or any other location, combined with a full digital healthcare platform to prevent chronic diseases and improve life quality.

CnogaCare’s platform has undergone extensive clinical trials, is registered to ISO13485:2016, certified and commercialized in Europe, Asia and South America and is in FDA submission process in the USA.

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